Monday, 11 May 2015

Review - Ghost Asylum - Waverly Hills

Waverly Hills, Louisville Kentucky

Mug of tea, check. Alone in house, check. Ready for a down south ghost hunt? check!

8000 or more people have reportedly died in this location, so Porter tells us on the drive. it was also used as a tuberculosis hospital and suicides have been reported here. Pretty sure if you're a ghost show aficionado like myself, you'll have visited this place with other teams and other shows before, but unlike them, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers will build a trap and attempt to brig a ghoulie or two home with them. So let's jump in with the TWC.
The "Phantom Voltage Inducer"
Cuts of locals tell us of activity experienced at Waverly, ranging from scratches to being thrown to the ground. One man has a jolt to his pacemaker every time he visits and there's not only human spirits but a dark creeper too.

Chris and Doogie head into town to talk to a local news reporter, while the others head straight inside to do a baseline sweep.
Patients were experimented on , we hear from news reporter Chris, by having their ribs removed and even being crushed by heavy weights. A nurse aborted a baby on the premises and it was later found in the sewer system, not long after that one of the the nurses in question committed suicide.
During the sweep back at Waverly, the boys get hits at the spot where a nurse was found hanging. So that night when they all head in, it's the first place they aim for. After a 'fist bump to the big man' of course.

Inside, Porter suddenly gets a fit of coughing that he can't shake and sees a shadow down the hall, he feels that he is being attacked so steps out for a while.
meantime, Chris gets the name "Betty" coming through his equipment and feels a wave of sadness hit him.
In the body chute that runs under the sanatorium, Doogie is waiting by himself and hears strange noises coming from the darkness. Of course there's stupid sound effects going over this whole segment so we don't have a chance to experience any of it.
A flash of light in the darkness indicates that his equipment has just failed due to the fresh batteries draining flat instantly.

Back with Chris on the fifth floor, he's searching for room 502 where a nurse reportedly hung herself. The word 'wed' comes through the ghost box which leads to some questioning if she was going to marry a doctor...
But it's time to wrap for the night and have a quick review of the evidence: there's some raspy breathing and an unusual light flash.

What will it be? a box with some string? a carrot and a hook? Nope, we're building the 'Phantom Voltage Inducer' which is full of complicated panels and meters and will somehow trap something in there. probably some fingers by the look of it.

Porter has headed off to talk to a Demonologist to see how they can protect themselves. PAUSE: this is a practical thing that frankly I'm surprised these shows don't (or rarely ever) touch on. Protection when entering these locations is important as it can affect health both mentally and physically. I wish they showed us more of a debriefing afterwards too, not just reviewing of evidence. A blog for another time maybe. UN PAUSE: Father Price explains how Waverly harbors many shadow people and recommends prayer and vigilance, especially on the fourth floor.

To set up the trap, Porter wheels Chasey in to the operating room on an old trolley, and soon after we hear footsteps in the hall and then something grabs Chasey's leg. It's then that the trap starts moving on it's own which is when the boys wrap the night.

Back home, the TWC look over the evidence which unfortunately there wasn't too much of. A shadow in the hallway, a bad EVP but then a not too bad touch on some clothing. We don't even test the trap because it didn't close up at all to catch anything. So it's hang the picture and head off for some food.

Sounds like a good idea to me, so I'll see y'all next week boys.

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