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Review - Ghost Asylum - Canon Memorial Hospital - season finale

Hey there ghosterinos, it is with a sad and heavy heart that I bring you this review today for two reasons: 1) This is the last episode of Ghost asylum for the season, and 2) my furry co-reviewer (aka Zack the cat), passed away a couple of days ago. So where will I be venturing into, alone, without a paw to hold onto? It's the:

Canon Memorial Hospital
Oooh goodie, I'm excited and I'm pretty sure the cat would have approved.
The boys have been here before in an action packed episode during the first season, so this is a revisit - which I love. I'm happy to return to locales that have proven themselves and in some cases seem unfinished - as this one did when an entity supposedly took hold of Brannon and made him a tiny little volcano of rage. Now, No-one messes with little brother Brannon, so back we go to Banner Elk, North Carolina to kick some invisible butt.

legends: The area was once home to an Indian Princess (Estato? Estherto? potato, potarto?) who was forbidden to marry her true love, so she drowned herself in the nearby river, which was named after her (In my quick search I could only find Elk River in this location?). Doogie thinks that Estato is acting as a siren spirit luring others into this dark location where meaner things reside.

Very prudently, Chris takes Brannon to see a local Demonologist before taking him in, so they know how best to protect themselves, while the others head in to do the base sweep.
The guys hear a female voice inside, but feel she is running away from them, maybe she's shy.

S'cool, Demons waitin for me

Dennis the Demonologist tells the boys meantime, that once you've had contact with these evil spirits, they won't forget you, so they're all in that hospital up there just waiting. You can see Brannon swallow slowly at this point and I
don't blame him.

 Dennis tells them that to stand a chance against these things, they need to use their faith and have 'an armor of light'. And to most definitely don't let the anger get the better of them. He also gives them a bell to help remove the unwanted spirits, the vibration helping to dispel the energy.

"we goin' git you" says Chasey when the K2 lights up for them. Them's fightin' words I say, and whether you believe in Demons or not, probably wouldn't want to be asking it outside for a rumble in the carpark.

No 'fist bumps' or 'shout outs' to the big man tonight, it's a far more sombre and heartfelt prayer for protection before heading in.
Chris, Chasey and Brannon are on the second floor calling out Estato. The K2 is blipping and they get a response when they ask if she remembers Brannon. Not long after they catch a moving shadow down the hall.

Porter and Doogie are getting activity straight away on the third floor, the 'octopus' is lighting up and they're hearing things. All I hear is sound effects over the top of everything. Porter gets a strong push on the back which makes him angry, but he reins it in and keeps an even temper. The phonetic generator tells them to 'worry', but now Doogie gets the anger so it's time to call it for the night.
 On review we hear some evps. I don't know, I hear something but maybe it's lost in translation.

Psychic medium Justin comes along to check the location out. He senses a lot of death and suffering and a darker entity who controls the others. He's drawn to room 426.

TRAP! without Brannon, what?
Anyway, its an infrasound cannon trap, with the addition of a mirror trap (mirrors facing each other) with a black powder charge to blow up whatever they catch.
"Is this thing safe?"
That's what we like to hear.
They are trying to humiliate the demon by playing it the subsonic 'brown note', then exploding it, Or something similar.

Chris lights a candle and rings the bell, then takes up the cannon and begins walking towards the mirror, herding spirits before him. Eventually he gets close and the charge is detonated inside. They all feel lighter afterwards. Not sure if they caught it or scared the literal crap out of it.

An EVP says 'kill me'. Again, not sure if the TV lets me down, but I can't really hear it. I do hear something that could be 'goodbye'.
How do you get a demon out of a mirror? smash it!
Unfortunately there's no indication that anything is there. At least Brannon overcome the situation and that's something.

Hanging the picture, thanks to the 'Big Man' and heading out for...sandwiches today.

OK, so that's a wrap on the good 'ol boys from Tennessee for a while. Now we all know that TV ghost hunting is 80 % showmanship, 5% camera crews, and the rest is probably genuine. Oh, and some more percentages for editing. However, if we are going for entertainment value, this show does have it in bags. I love the trap building, and even though they never catch anything, the 'science' behind it is fun, and it always gives us something to hold our breath for at the end. The guys are engaging and the destinations are creepy. So while we try to hear over the sound effects, we must remember that ghost hunts are generally hours of waiting and minutes of action. So it's nice to have it all presented to us and wrapped up at the end. So until next season (I hope!), stay beardy guys.

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