About the girl, the couch and the ghost show

Ghosts and TV; Go together like Ham and Ice-cream.

There's something strange that's happened since the paranormal became a hot commodity with Television Execs. We became inundated with shows such as 'Ghost Hunters' and 'A Haunting', both pushing their own agendas heavily.
But with little else to scratch the itch, we watched and pretended not to notice the cheesy attempt at plugging a plumbing company and then get bashed over the head with demons in an effort to drive us all back to the church - fire and brimstone prickling at our heels.

Eventually, with time the shows grew and we were following mediums, going to ghost academys and competing with others in paranormal challenges. What may have begun as a genuine effort to spread the word about the paranormal and share experiences and technology, became a race to add the most outlandish elements into a pitch - just so someone could get their ghost hunting face on TV.

Don't get me wrong, there has been some great shows such as 'my ghost story' which did nothing but give normal people a forum to share experiences without commentary. And I wish that there was more like this.
Whenever a new show comes out in the paranormal field, I am the first to jump on it, but with full knowledge that most of the 'activity' has been exaggerated or made up to make a show exciting enough to keep us coming back next week.
Other than that, I wade through the sound effects, company plugs, religious aspects, scripted moments and fake witnesses (oh, and preening, egotistical 'muscle men') And what's left?
Well, nothing but entertainment I suppose. Occasionally you'll find a show that feels like it has a modicum of the truth in it, or touches the psychological aspect of the so called haunting (as in the 'muscle man' aftershocks) and that is I suppose what it boils down to.

I believe there is another dimension parallel to our own. I believe that interaction with it is often but subtle. very subtle. And that's what these shows lack, subtlety. But that's TV, it was never meant to be quiet and unassuming, it was meant to be noisy, flashy and in your face, which is what makes it so different than real life, so I guess it can hardly be compared. So, see you next time on 'Ghost trapping Cowboys from outerspace' YEEHAAAHH.

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