Monday, 18 May 2015

Review - Ghost Asylum - Moundsville Pen.

Well howdy folks, It's time to trap us a ghost or two and wander around in some dark places in a tank top or beard.
Chris chose the tank top option
Just before we do though, I see we are heading to Moundsville Penitentiary. I know this show is called Ghost asylum, and there is only so many of those to go around I guess, but I am getting kind of sick of revisiting all the same places that five or six ghost hunting shows have already taken us to. We know the history, we know the location, the ghosts, the legends and the equipment and approach is going to be the same. So what can we expect from returning again and again? Is there only a handful of haunted locations to go around? Are we trying to start a celebrity ghost cult by raising the profile of certain spirits? Anyway, let's watch and find out if something new and interesting occurs on ... Ghost Asylum this week.

West Virginia
'Shadows' seem to be the buzz word for this investigation. Also 'Evil'. We apparently like to hear the word evil in our ghost shows to keep us on edge.
As in any prison, there is a history of violence, with most well known spirit known as 'Red'.
Ok, we've all seen this place before, and to be honest, the sugar shack always seems to bring about a lot of activity (if TV is to be believed).
The Sugar shack is an underground area where inmates were allowed to hangout unattended. Obviously that meant rapes and murders would occur on a somewhat regular basis. The boys get some pretty huge hits down there during their initial sweep.

Chris and Doogie head to visit former prison guard Chuck Ghent. He informs the boys that Red ran the prison and instigated most of the violence and murders there. He has had cell doors slam on him and a girl was scratched badly during a tour he hosted.

Fist bump to the big man
and then inside. Chasey Brannon and Porter are upstairs looking for a shadow man while Chris and Doogie are downstairs looking for some lingering criminals.
Doogie has a harmonica for Red, as apparently he used to play a tune for the guards to let them know when there was a dead body for them to collect. What kind of prison was this?! I guess it's one way of keeping the population down.
meanwhile the others are setting up a laser grid and the octopus (I'm sure it has a technical name). Porter thinks he sees movement out the corner of his eye and then a bang is heard.

A new experiment! hoorah! Chasey is being placed in Red's cell while he is blindfolded and deafened by noise cancelling headphones.
Back at the sugar shack, the beards, I mean boys hear some banging, Porter starts freaking out, but turns out it is just a bat
More banging is going on in Red's cell, but when Chris goes to retrieve him, the only activity Chasey has picked up is a vibrating bed. Sounds great, maybe a nice massage is what he needed.
Upon review, we see how a weird red light intensified during an evp session. The laser grid camera picked up some walking legs pretty well too.

oooooh, I love this part. Mostly because it's hillarious, a small part because of the science behind it. And by science, I mean "science".
But before we make something dubious, we're going to a local paranormal museum and pick up some handcuffs and shanks that were original to the prison.The curator says he likes to pray and is a christian, and Chris tells him that they are also 'good christian boys' and that 'mama didn't raise no fools'. I guess that makes me pretty stupid and my mama raised herself a simpleton. You win some you lose some I guess.
Back to the con-trap-tion.
This is what we have this week:

This is what it really looks like:

When the trap is set a very interesting thing happens. The ovulus says 'surprise', but it says it with a clear inflection, not the usual flat tone. Then Doogie gets a pain in his side. I think he was surprise shanked. When they check his side he has three clear scratches.

The trap is dismantled and taken back to Tennessee. We review the evidence and hear a 'lalala', see a light orb,
Brannon places the trap in the ...I don't know, trap checker, and tests for an entity. No dice.

Because Doogie got scratched, he gets to hang the picture on the wall.
Chris's mum has made a 'big 'ol mess of tuna casserole' so they head out to eat that even though it's not pizza. I suppose you have to shake things up sometimes.

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