Monday, 25 May 2015

ORBS - spirits or dust, why the passion?

This debate on whether Orbs are spirits, camera flare or dust has probably been going on since cameras were invented. The whole phenomenon really got a kick-start however, when we began reviewing video of strange blobs of light hovering over graveyards and places where we expected to see spirits - it doesn't take much for a mind that wants a sign to see one even in the most unlikely of places.

Since then, orbs have taken their place amongst the plethora of ghostly indications and they don't seem to be going away, in fact quite the opposite when now you can apparently classify them into colours and specific meanings - as in this website here.

The biggest argument that I can find in the case for Orbs is the old 'they have their own light-source' and 'they follow a particular path' phenomena. But do they? Are they swirling in the unseen air flows? Are they reflecting light from unknown sources?
Also the fact that Orbs seem to have faces or shapes to them is enough to convince most, but is this just good old pareidolia?
pareidolia - the illusion of seeing faces in the strangest places

Now, by no means am I an expert (on anything) but it does pay to look closely to this subject if you are seeking evidence of the other side. Any 'ghost hunter' worth his (or her) salt will use debunking as a tool just as much as he will use EVPs, EMF indications and temperature fluctuations, so of course why would we not apply this to orbs as well?

This does seem to be the million dollar question, as in my experience, there are two camps - either you're with the orbs or you're against the orbs. Why then is there not a critical response to whether these objects are real or just a trick of the eye?
Maybe there is - this site takes possibly the most 'scientific' view on the matter so perhaps before we count ourselves as the for or against, we should cast our eye over it. I'm sure there's many others and if you know of one (or have your own) please feel free to let me know.

Many of you who will read this blog have probably seen or taken part of the google+ conversation since I posted these pictures:

Mine House investigation May 2015
and clearly have a strong opinion one way or the other. But what I want to know is why?
Why is it that there is such strong sentiments attached to orbs, when we are happy to de-classify other captures and move on without blinking an eyelid or creating a heated debate on the subject?

So I have no answers.
But as all of us who are seeking proof, continue to question. To rule something in or out without sufficient evidence seems foolish, so I will continue to be open minded and for now, use my own judgement to decipher these things.

By the way, this is what comes up when you look for 'the best evidence of orbs on the internet. shyeah.  Some dust falling from a heating vent. OR not? what do you think?

Do you believe? Do you discredit?
If so, I would love to know your reasons why -

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