Thursday, 14 May 2015

Psychic protection, elementals & a plan of attack

I live in a very old gold mining city, built upon mine shafts and riddled with quartz and gold veins which are still being dug out to this day. This has lead to some interesting experiences growing up, as the violence and greed that this city has grown on has left some indelible marks in many locations. This brand new home is clearly no different.

Very recently I was invited to join an investigation in a home where activity of the elemental nature was rife.
Sure, the upper two floors were flooded with spirit activity, darting apparitions could clearly be seen almost upon arrival, but it was a very different entity that presided in an open and functioning mine shaft beneath the home. The home owners have spent thousands on employing miners to sure up the original mine, restoring the shafts, ladders and elevators that service the area. There is a glass floor in the house that lets you look all the way down into the mine itself. Since moving in, the family has experienced nothing but bad luck, voices, pipes bursting, things breaking and there is no way they can sell the property or catch a break.

Now, the actual investigation provided a lot of activity, from extreme hot spots, clear communication through ghost boxes and photo evidence. On the third floor we captured growling, draining batteries and the floor was moving like an elevator or a rolling ship for most of the night. This in itself is usually enough to give me physical symptoms, but it was when we ventured down into the basement that it became apparent that I needed to learn a few things.

Firstly, the concrete basement is open to the outside, it is late autumn here and very cold. However after ten minutes of making 'contact' the area became stiflingly hot. Through our communication with the many spirits it was clear that whatever was down there was causing the havoc in the home and it was not happy. Sulfurous smells wafted up, shuffling and raspy noises occurred, even a sound of what seemed to be two coins being rubbed and clinked together and a clear 'yeeeesss' to a question.
My head began to pound, when I peered into the mine for a while, I was almost sick.

After the investigation (and primary cleansing) I headed home. Not being familiar with dealing with heavy or angry energy, I did nothing to decompress...I simply went to bed. I woke with a migraine. I slept for roughly 20 hours on and off. The next two days I couldn't move from the couch, my dreams were feverish and I thought I had caught something nasty. I think it turns out I did. My energy was simply drained from me in a way I haven't encountered before. So, before returning to the house in a couple of days from now, I have to have a plan together. I know for sure i will ground myself afterwards by standing barefoot in the grass and letting the negative energy flow back into the earth, but I'm yet to research the best way for me to protect myself before going in. I'll update the post when I do, but any experienced advice is surely welcome!

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