Monday, 4 May 2015

Review - ghost asylum- st. Albans Sanatorium

Ok, we're back with the boys from the south, I'm tucked into a blanket, cat on my lap, cup of hot chai by my side. This is probably going to be the best moment of the show - where it's all anticipation and no let downs. Alright, can't delay any longer. Let's go ghost huntin'.
Radford Virginia - st. Albans Sanatorium.
Once a boy's school, and then an experimental psychiatric hospital, it sounds like this one should be full of goodies. Those that watch or read my blog know the layout of the show. But for first timers, we do a baseline sweep with half the crew, while the others go meet some locals for some background. Then we all go in to investigate in pairs before it's decided what kind of trap to make : yep, the Tennessee wraith chasers don't just find the ghosts, they trap 'em too. Kind of like your local wildlife rescue only with more gadgets and way less to go on.
The guys are talking about murders and suicides on the site, Indian settlements and a possible demonic curse. Ticks all the boxes. There's one demon reported who is called 'red eyes' (points for originality) which has scared off police and visitors for years.

Doogie, Chasey and Brannon are heading inside and as usual go straight to the attic where a spirit called Rebecca supposedly hangs about. Apparently she kept a baby in a jar up here. Yep.
Chasey and Porter are in town talking to the local law about a young woman who was murdered near the building in the eighties - although her body has never been found. The officer seems happy for the guys to look for some evidence and even takes them out to the spot where her car was found. Thanks officer Andy.

Night falls and after a quick prayer, our intrepid crew start wandering about the halls and come across a bowling alley, they're looking for red eyes. The demon, not the flight...
Using a 360 degree periscope (or the octopus I like to call it), they check the emf (electro magnetic field) in the room. There's a small bang and something touches Chris's ear. He sees a shadow next, Doogie sees the red eyes and they're hearing things all around them. Instead of seeing what might come of all this 'activity' they decide to leave. Ugh. Of course.

Porter and the others are bothering Rebecca using an array of gadgets. They're excited...for some reason I'm not sure of, they are saying they've had intelligent interactions, but I just saw a couple of lights.
Porter says he feels like he's being followed and hearing the shuffling of feet. DON'T LOOK NOW BUT THERE'S A CAMERA CREW FOLLOWING YOU!

Yay, ovulus time! It's set to a creepy deep voice. Just like the magic eight ball, its words may or may not be appropriate to the situation. As in this time when it says 'always' .
Review at the end of the night, one orb, two very very faint evps. But no time to dwell because its TRAP TIME! let's bring in the native American Indian folklore to tie it all up and make a huge dream catcher. I'm part cringing part smiling incredulously, these are the moments people, this is why we watch. Right here.
Let's just pause a minute. I need to wipe the tears away.
Ok, montage, we're making a flimsy box from sticks and placing a crystal ball in the middle, all to the tune of a slide guitar. Then with a glue gun just going nuts like crazy string around the outside. Yep, looks pro to me boys, the technology is surely sound.

Night two.
Setting the trap in the bowling alley, Doogie and Chris head to the furnace room to push 'red eyes' toward the trap. He must chill out in there.
The guys in the bowling alley aren't feeling too good and the periscope (cousin to the octopus) is lighting up. Doogie thinks he was possessed by red eyes (you can get drops for that).

Contact with the murder victim Gina is seemingly being made in the other room through the k2.
Ovulus says police, father and Robert. Then the less friendly "out". Dance, fear, happen. She was at a dance before she was killed, Robert is officer Andy's first name. Her father passed away recently.

Back at the clubhouse now. We hear and see the evidence: there's a scream, some knocks and Porter's name is said.  The guys test the trap for any entities and...nope. really? A hot glue gun didn't catch a ghost?
A picture is hung in the wall and instead of pizza, the guys head out for a bit of frisbee. Unless that's slang for pizza?
Sorry the glue trap didn't work boys, maybe the demon didn't want to 'stick around'...

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