Thursday, 11 June 2015

Review - The Dead Files - From Beyond

Last time I posted that The Dead files was the season final. Where did I get that idea from?
Well, that week I lost my cat, my dog died suddenly, and lost my job. Maybe I felt like it was MY season finale?
Believe in curses? I do, I've cursed A LOT this last week or two...

OK, at least we have Amy and Steve to cheer us up. But warning, this one might make no sense, it's like an M. Night Shyamalan movie. you'll be all like:

We are in:

Macon, Georgia
A man named Jeff has contacted Amy and Steve, his family is being terrorised by somethig in the house.
No surprises when Amy turns up she tells us 'it's really bad'. If it was really good, I guess we wouldn't be there.

When Steve meets Jeff in the kitchen, we see a rattled man who is concerned for his family - especially his daughter who seems to be bearing the brunt of it. I like Jeff, he seems genuine and feels like he can't protect his family.

Amy is walking through with all the cameras in the dark where she is picking up on two male spirits who don't get along, possibly a grandfather and grandson dynamic. of course, 'it's really bad', and 'really stressful' in the house.
Why am I here again?

Meantime during the day, Steve has talked to Jeff about the activity in the house. the fire pokers move on their own, the furniture moves into strange positions. Tammy, Jeff's wife feels afraid for her daughter, although maybe she should be afraid for herself - there's something that watches her from the corner and sits on the bed.
Tammy feels it's dangerous.
It's unsettling.
And it's definitely getting worse.

Steve meets with Hunter next, Tammy and Jeff's son. He's seen the 'shadow man' at least 20 times. He seems concerned with his sister, but maybe he should be worried about himself if he's seeing this shadow guy so often.
Finally we meet Jessica, the daughter. Her drawers apparently open by themselves, she's seen a man in her room, had her hair yanked and she has nightmares and sleepwalks.
Amy picks up on this, but she's not sure if they're nightmares or something more...sinister. She's seeing little black children like figures on the bed and holding Jessica down.
We cut back to Steve and Jessica and hear how a ghost likes to spoon her in bed -she also wakes up with scratches.

Steve's 'putting his feelers out' and meeting with a local genealogist, Cecil Etheridge jr. Slaves. there, I said it. Well, we are in Georgia, so to be expected. the land owner had 'em. the neighbours had 'em, they were everywhere. Then the civil war came to town, there's some history here with locals who fought.
Steve takes this information and goes to see another historian where he learns there was a battle and a deadly ambush on the actual property.

Now Amy is picking up on the older man and the younger man, they don't see eye to eye and the land is the key here - also the civil war.

Skip to the sketch.
Amy firstly describes the battle which has left the area 'stressed'.
She tells about the older man who likes to watch things, Tammy explains about the man who watches from the corner of her room. This is when Amy describes the dynamic between the old and young man.
Now it's time for Amy to approach the nightmares, she doesn't believe that they are natural and it happens when there is supernatural goings on in the home.
Amy was also spooned by the ghost! sharing the love.
Scary time!
Steve 'turns it over to Amy' and she prescribes the cure.
we need an older male medium who needs to be gruff, this will remove the dead guys from the house.
But hang on!
Amy says this will not solve the issue. WHAT?
Jessica and Hunter are being abducted by aliens.
just incase you thought you misread that, Jessica and Hunter are being abducted by aliens.

I'm not sure i can type any more. I feel like I've been hit in the face with a fish, it is from left field and there was no mention of this during the walk through.
The family seems ok with this. really? Maybe they're aliens.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Review - The Dead Files - The Obsession -

Ru-Roh, final episode!

We had better get a good dose of faces from Amy before we are without her for a while.
And no more of Steve's Nuwe Yawhk accent.

We are in Oregon, Illinois.
Heading to a bar.

Amy arrives and instantly feels like the air is knocked out of her. we are left with the tag 'There is no hope here', before we switch back to Steve.
He's sitting with the owner, who says that customers just get up and leave, things fall off shelves, touching, etc. He's owned the place for 20 years, but recently moved in, where he's been more aware of activity. he's the former mayor of the town.
The location is the last place that local girl Mary Jane and her date spent their night in 1948, before being murdered. He has since become obsessed with the deceased girl and even spent his own money on having her body exhumed, in fact about $150,000 of his personal savings has gone in to the case over the last 15 years.

Amy is seeing a nasty woman in her 20s. Whoop, off to the theater. Steve and the owner are talking about the female apparition. Steve has 'the eyes' on. He gets these when he hears people's stories.
Switch the lights off, Amy's in here now. It's bad, dangerous in here even. There's something Satanic and religious here.

Steve is now interviewing the workers at the bar. It's driving him up the wall a bit, and he's doing 'the eyes' a lot, even variations of 'the eyes' are happening. Ooh, he's getting a bit hard arse on them because he feels they aren't telling him the full story.

Confusion reigns in the theater for Amy right now, she's picking up on dead people but they are trying to tell her they are demons. This walk through is not very cohesive, but it's negative anyway.
no, please go on...

Marge. oh Marge, she's been terrorised by something that has followed her home. My bet is that something hitched a ride home in her hair.
It's like cotton candy, but instead of sugar, it's made of cobwebs and poltergeists.
Don't look now, but you've caught another one

Steve has done some digging on the Mary Jane case and discovered that Mary Jane and her boyfriend were possibly killed by the local sherrif, who MJ was having an affair with. SCANDAL!

The Reveal:
Three people are hanging out in the basement. One of them is Mary Jane. She reveals how her memory was affected in the bar, and the place is a bit of a trap. The frustration is amplified and controls the living. I'm not sure what all that means, but it doesn't sound great I suppose.
The Fix:
Steve 'turns it over to Amy'. we need 1) the owner needs to take Mary Jane and her boyfriend out of the building. How? just tell them. 2) a holy man needs to come in and do a blessing.
that's it.
What about Marge's house? What about Marge's hair? no help there I'm sorry.
Amy faces you ask? Good ol' Ames didn't let us down. Not only does she do her darndest at finding the hidden secrets in a location, she damned well keeps us entertained as she does so

Yeah, this review was a short one, but honestly, they didn't go out with a bang this season. This case felt really drawn out and uninteresting. Even the reveal and the fix were lackluster. Maybe it's time for a break guys. Find us some good hauntings and come back fresh. Til next time.