Thursday, 23 April 2015

Review - True Supernatural - Dybbuk Box

Today, we're looking at two stories: The Dybbukk box and Bigfoot. We start with

The Dybbuk Box
Kirksville Missouri, Father and son Jason and Ross Hackston dive into a basement at an isolated farmhouse. They retrieve a large box that is buried underneath the house and bring it out to take along for examination, Inside is the famed Dybbuk box.
Regular paranormal viewers may have seen this before  - apparently this once innocuous wine box was used by a woman to trap a Dybbuk (a Jewish demon) that was bought through a Ouija board.

Throughout its history, owners have reported bad luck, swarms of insects, electrical disturbances,terrible smells and terrifying nightmares.
Current owner Jason bought it to test it in his own museum, vowing he would never take it home. But once people in his workplace demanded he remove it due to bad luck and the smell, he relented and took it back to his residence. Even though he claims that the box had a powerful sickening effect on his own body. He began to suffer bloody eyes, bruises and choking sensations, none of which could be explained by doctors.

But to the lab: 'expert' Taner Edis PhD, Professor of physics, and his team run some tests on the box. 
Firstly, they test the box for radiation suing a Geiger counter. he only picks up background blips, so nothing on the outside. lets open it up.
Still no radioactivity.
Next, using a blacklight, we see some glue spots and grime.
So bringing out the big guns, we use a very high powered microscope, so we can see the plant cells of the wood, looking for toxins... and... nothing.
What did we prove? Nothing. What did we disprove? nothing. But it was fun to pull the box out and look inside. Its reburied to wait until the next tv appearance I guess.

Who doesn't like a good bigfoot story? We're told that we will see never seen before evidence. Bring it on.
Pacific Northwest - home to bigfoot, well one variety anyway.
Our 'never seen before evidence' is a new foot cast. ok, expectations lowering. We're shown a couple of anecdotal stories, which are great, but not proof.

We've seen in other programs how these casts can be manipulated by bears and humans, so as much as it looks like evidence, unless someone saw a bigfoot actually leave these prints, they're not so great. But wait! that's just what happened. Ok.

let's get it to the lab.
But we don't test anything. Instead we have a couple of people in lab coats tell us that it is possible that bigfoot exists.

Ok, so seeing a pattern arise in this show where there is a main, dazzling story, and the second 'filler' story that gets no real conclusion.

i still like the concept of this show and am hopeful that they are leaving some actual finding until the series final. Guess we'll just have to wait and see,..

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