Sunday, 19 April 2015

Review - The Haunting of - Dianne Farr

'The haunting of' is a strange beast as it is a spin off from the show,'Celebrity Ghost stories'.
In it, psychic medium Kelly Russo takes the 'celebrity' 'back to the place of the original haunting to try and make sense of it'.

So, we begin with Kim in the car en route to destination - today she is meeting:

Diane Farr
Known from the tv shows 'Numbers' and 'Rescue Me'. She claims that an old lady haunted her previous home and has followed her to her new digs. We hear how in the old house, the ghost almost prevented her from selling the place, but settled down after she had a word with it one night.
Kim pulls up and its all kisses, kisses, nice to meet you, lets go find some ghosts. So off we go.

Now, why is it that every time we look for ghosts it has to be in the dark? Anyway, the lights are off as Kim starts puling through the spirits that are hanging around Diane. It's not long before we have a crowded room and her best friend, a small angelic child and the creepy old bat are floating around in the ether trying to give messages to Diane through Kim. 

Diane reveals that she has inexplicable information for people sometimes, and just 'knows things' that she shouldn't. Kim brushes over this for now, then moves on to the 'energy vampire' that she believes is the old lady. Big warning to Diane, close up for reaction. Now Kim is ready to tell Diane that she has her own powers.

Time to talk to the best friend who passed over- she is now a bird that visits occasionally.
We are then shown broken mirrors and glass doors and a curious case of glass smoking up from the inside for no reason.
We have a moment where a picture jumps off the shelf by itself, and a light turns on and off. Diane is unfazed as it happens all the time, meh, whatevs.

Kim deducts that all this stuff happening in the house is coming from Diane. I assume its classic poltergeist activity as Diane can't rein her rampant energy in, although the 'P' word is never mentioned.

So, at the end, poor Diane looks like hell - from all the crying and turning lights on and off I guess. And Kim helps her perform a ritual with a piece of string that is symbolic of letting the angry old woman (who we now now as Katie) go. No more vampires in this house thank you very much.

Finishing up with a pun about spirits, we all have a chuckle and reflect on what we've learned. I've learned never to invite Diane to my house and to be wary of birds.

I enjoy watching Kim doing these house calls, mostly because you get to see a real emotional dumping from the people she visits. Whether you believe in psychics or not, Kim certainly has some uncanny information from somewhere, and her gentle prodding manner helps the people she visits let go of issues that have been holding them back for whatever reason.

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