Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Review - Ghost Asylum - Rolling Hills Asylum

Ok folks, here's the deep down duck huntin' version of ghostly adventures. If you like good ol' bearded boys from Tennessee doing your ghost hunting, then here's the show for you.

Obviously since the market has been flooded with paranormal shows, each one has to have its own point of difference - this show has two. 1) good old southern boys who join together for a prayer before heading in and 2) The Tennessee Wraith Chasers claim that they will not only find the ghosts, they will attempt to construct a trap and catch your ghosties for you.

Today, we're heading to the:

Rolling Hills Asylum
Located in Bethany New York, the unused asylum has been featured in almost every ghost hunting show so far. From watching these, we know there's a few spirits that hang out in this space: Roy, a giant that was dumped at the institution as a child, Raymond, an evil entity that appears as a very tall black shadow and Emma, a nurse who was by all reports a mean one who practiced witchcraft.
As all good locations seem to be, this one has had many incarnations, a poor house, a tuberculosis ward, an orphanage and of course, an insane asylum. This we find out by visiting  local historian Kelly in town with 'Doogie' and 'Chris'.

Back at the Asylum, we follow 'Porter','Brannon' and 'Chasey' in finding Roy's room. Upon leaving the room, Porter sees someone walking down the hallway, of course, we don't see it so we take him on his word for this.

Night One Doogie and Chris turn up and we all bring it in close for 'a shout out to the big man' and we end the prayer session, grab our K2s and head inside.

We're looking for Roy in his room, Chris is talking away and the phonetic generator stars spitting out words. yay, i love this bit of kit - it purportedly pulls the energy out of the air and lets the ghost talk to you. Sometimes they might be confused and talk about cookies, but other times, you can totally use what they say as evidence...such as now when "Roy" apparently says "sister" - which is totes amazing because get this - ROY HAD A SISTER! woah.

Cut to the morgue, where the others are taking turns in laying on the slab. There's reports of feelings of vertigo and illness from people who have laid down on this before, so we're not surprised when Porter claims he feels weird, Chasey climbs on up for a go and feels sick too. The K2 meter is going beeeeep and all of a sudden, a suit hanging from the ceiling starts spinning around. Is the slab full of EMFs? Is the suit pissed off? Can you have a ghost of a suit? I suppose if it suits their purpose...

Meanwhile, Roy is still making buttons glow as Brannon plays some classical tunes and all of a sudden, the phonetic generator says 'evil'. maybe he just doesn't like the music.

So we head on up to Emma's room and light up some candles on a birthday cake for her. The K2 is going off, and we notice that the heat above the candle is moving a little bit. The cake seems to bring about some interactions, maybe the spirits are crowding in to see if their beards catch on fire.
End of night one, we review some of the EVPs, as usual, they're pretty hard to hear and i'm pretty iffy that they have interpreted them right.

Night Two Ok, we need a trap, because that's in the contract. So, today, we're making a faraday trap (a box that no electricity can leak out of) and heat lamps to somehow herd the ghosts into it, We're calling this one an inferno cage. I don't know, it must be pretty cold in there so I don't blame them. Montage of construction.

Back to Roy's room, we see a heat signature on a glass angel which excites everyone a bit. We end up setting up the trap in there. Everyone grabs a nice warm heater - I mean herding stick and starts pushing towards the box. The first trapping was too slow, so we reset and do it again. Gotchya, let's take you back to Tennessee.

Back home, there's two EVPs that seems legit 'Don't call me Raymond' and 'I'm gonna cut your f** head off'. But now to the trap. We listen, watch and monitor, until we discover there was nothing inside. We hang a picture on the wall and head out for pizza.

As per usual, 45 odd minutes of replays and sound effects lead to a couple of small but good pieces of evidence. Still, the entertainment value is there and as long as people are hunting, we're going to be finding. Shout out to the good old boys.

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