Saturday, 25 April 2015

Are ufos actually esoteric phenomenon?

Chris Pittman, as seen on Ancient Aliens, hosted this AMA (ask me anything) session about two years ago. But I've only just stumbled across it in my 'research' and it has opened up some new theories on not only the UFO debate, but the paranormal field as a whole.
You can read the full Reddit AMA Here.

Chris starts out by stating that even though he is a 'UFO researcher' he doesn't believe there has been any conclusive proof that Aliens even exist. So ...what does that mean? That in itself is enough to make me read more, a pretty unique standpoint for an investigator you might agree. In his own words, he says that if he was willing to espouse wacky theories about Aliens, he would get more airtime on TV and the media, but clearly this isn't his motivating factor, which does tend to lend more credence to his theories.
"...The biggest failing of so-called paranormal investigation is that reasonable, accurate and verifyable [sic] claims are simply not as entertaining as wild falsehoods."
I think that due to the upsurge of paranormal TV, in this particular field - UFO hunters - and the like, we have to take into consideration the 'entertainment value' of said shows. As much as serious enthusiasts may watch skeptics debate on theory for hours, the reality is that it wouldn't get air time, or drag in the enormous audience that over sensationalised programs with all their fancy graphics and crazy batman angle camera shots do. So we have to sift through the detritus to get to the tiny specs of gold. Like panning. For gold. yes...

Anyway, Chris answers the questions that we all want to ask in this Reddit, and takes us down some paths that we may not have traveled before. Firstly, he answers questions about implants and so called evidence by saying he doesn't believe them, for the simple reason that he doesn't trust the people coming out with this stuff. He also doesn't believe that there is a government cover up, or any so called 'proof' of existence. OK, so what DOES he think? How does a UFOlogist study UFOs if he doesn't think they exist or that there is any proof of their existence at all?!

Then he hits us with his theory:
...I investigated very many UFO sightings over a number of years. I never found any proof of aliens. In fact, I came to believe that UFOs represent some kind of non-human intelligence based on this planet, although I can't prove that, either. I am convinced that UFOs are real, in the sense that there is some kind of aerial phenomenon that is encountered by people that cannot be explained by weather, aircraft or anything conventional like that. I don't know for sure what they are.
 Intriguing. He goes on to speculate that there is a non human intelligence based on this planet and that these entities deliberately 'trick' people into thinking they are 'spacemen'.  Are these entities coming from Earth? Throughout the AMA, he unfolds that during regression therapy (which he himself is dubious on) the stories are held close together by common threads. Mostly abductions are medical in nature, and more often than not covered up by 'screen' memories - usually of an animal in their room - most times an owl - creepy. But when regressed, these animals turn out to be the big eyed Greys watching them and sometimes taking them away.
Chris himself says that delving into this subject is dangerous - that he and his loved ones have suffered because of this and many unexplained things have occurred whilst researching the subject. The spookiest thing he says is that if you start looking at them, they start to look back.

The main theory posed is that some type of 'supernatural entity' shares our planet, and that we are exposed to it during 'altered states of consciousness'. Whether they are creating these altered states or we are more susceptible when we are naturally in these states is yet to be considered. But if we look back through all our recorded history, we see that encounters with bigfoot, imps, sprites, ghosts, angels, demons or even Aliens are rife. So surely something is going on here. Are they all the same thing? Chris posits that wherever there are UFO sightings, there is generally other supernatural phenomena reported also.
I'm certainly intrigued by Chris's theories and will look into them some more. He has a very down to earth and commonsense approach to the field that both embraces and constructively speculates on what is real and what isn't.

What do you think?


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