Monday, 27 April 2015

Review - Ghost asylum - Mansfield Reformatory

Back with the good old boys. Before we even start, we have a warning that tells us that they are professionals...blah blah permission...chasing ghosts without proper training will get you killed.
WILL get you killed? How, will the good old boys come and kill you? 

Mansfield Reformatory Ohio
The TWC ( Tennessee wraith chasers) are looking for ghosts in this massive prison. I'll admit it does look pretty impressive as they pull up to it, at its peak it housed 2000 inmates, so it ain't small.
We have some short clips from former inmates and tour guides that tell us what to look for. Pushing, grabbing and noises seem to be the most prevalent. Some of the boys head out to talk to Scott Sukel a local historian, while the others head inside for a base sweep - straight up to the west wing attic, where we can see some tiny cells with original inmate graffiti on the walls.
Meanwhile, Scott the historian tells us a story about how a guard was killed, a prisoner set himself on fire, and where the paranormal 'hotspots' are.
We've been here before with other shows, but it's interesting to see if they pick up on the same activity. Unfortunately though, they don't try new angles on investigating the space so it can be a little 'been there, done that'.

The boys all come together and trade stories, which helps them decide where to investigate. Then we bring it in, rock a quick prayer to the big guy and we're off again.
Chris and Chasey start to hear noises straight off the bat. Chasey mumbles some deep south ding dong diddly stuff, so we have to have subtitles. A door shuts on its own in the distance and we see an orb. Gah, orbs. I hate orbs as 'evidence'. Unless they pulse with light and have a face peering out of it...even then...

Chris sits in solitary confinement and tells us he hears things - but there's so many stupid sound effects put in over the top we have no chance of defining what it is.
Next, Porter tries some antagonizing which results in some small blips on the k2. There's also a new toy that looks like an octopus and we throw some magnets around for the ghost to play with.
Now in the cell where the inmate set himself on fire actually has the instruments going crazy. For a moment anyway.
Doogie asks "Are you trapped?" Meter goes off, door slams somewhere off camera.
A quick review shows a whisper that the team says is saying 'God give me justice'. Hmm

Day two.
The trap.
Mirror box. No reason, no specific relation to the prison. We're calling this one ' The wraith dome'. Oh, and there'll be a balloon inside.
The boys place the trap outside solitary and when they feel that something is inside (lights going off), they will pop the balloon which will somehow force the entity into the mirror. Interestingly, they do capture a clear white mist inside the dome which is pretty cool. They pop the balloon and wrap it up for the night. 

Back in Tennessee and time to go over the evidence. One faint evp, but the trap footage is compelling. The mist is very visible and perhaps an eye is visible.
Checking the trap and...nope. nothing.
Hang that picture boys and head out for food, pizza again!

This is typical of watching hours and hours of this stuff, we finally have something we might call evidence. But anyone who really knows, that's how this stuff goes in the real world. In the meantime we'll watch the effects and flashy reactions for the entertainment. Thanks boys, enjoy your pizza.
If looking into a camera could catch ghosts - these guys would be set

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